Tianjin (Ozzie) Zhang

He is a doctoral student at Tsinghua University. where he works on theory of machine learning.

At Tsinghua University he has also spent wonderful time at State Key Laboratory of Intelligent Technology and Systems, Institute of Brain and Cognitive Sciences enjoying the collaboration with Prof. Huaping Liu.

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He is interested in machine learning,its theory,optimization, robotics and unmanned system . His past research has been primarily focused on 3D vision and 6DoF pose estimation.

Past Projects

The Generalized Automatic Optimization Using Recurrent Network By Gradient Descent

Joint work w/ Z. Huang, T. Yang, X. Hu, Z. Yang

The purpose of Meta-learning is learning to learn, this thought can be used to do optimization automatically, without algorithm selection and hyper-parameters tuning. We want to improve the previous works in generalization and data transferability.

2020 Spring


Multimodal Perception Fusion for Robotic Manipulation

Joint work w/ H. Liu, Z. Li, C. Yang, Z. Wang

Merges object 6-DoF information and improve the performance of object localization for robotic manipulation

2019 Fall


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